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Could a new SUPERBUG make antibiotics USELESS?

Recent news reports are now telling us that there is a SUPERBUG which makes antibiotics useless! More fear and doom for the world … all the beginning of sorrows that are to come upon the World before Christ’s Return! read below…

A new superbug could make antibiotics redundant, scientists have warned.

Experts fear the enzyme NDM-1, which lives inside different bacteria and makes them drug resistant, could go global with no new medicine on the horizon to treat the latest threat.

The bug was found in patients in Britain who had contracted it in India and Pakistan after undergoing treatments like cosmetic surgery.

So far about 50 infections have been reported.

Read the EuroNews report, in its entirety HERE

NOW is the time for Believers to learn what Christ accomplished on the Cross for us:

He healed us
He broke the curse (of fear, defeat, and sickness) from us
and He promises to heal our diseases

As the world continues to spiral downward in hatred, fear, terrorism, and diseases and disasters, the Believer must dig into the Word and actually BELIEVE the Word. May God bless our study times with revelation knowledge of the protection that we have in Christ.

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~ MANILA, Philippines, July 14, 2010 (ENS) РAt least 20 people have lost their lives and 57 others are missing following the first typhoon to strike the Philippines this year. Typhoon Conson hit on July 13 (July 2010)

increasing in size or frequency?

Read an on-going list
of natural disasters

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